I have been thinking of this post for a while. I haven’t been reading my blogs like normal, I have been stuck in a rut because I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital.

It may be a stretch but I think I can make this post connect to a little something Korean music or drama related.

My hubby, the light that shines so bright in my life (ha, I knew you were thinking it was CNBLUE-well they are a close second) has been very sick. He has been in the hospital since mid January. He is so strong and such a fighter but the past few months have been hard on him, well both of us actually.

If there is a bright side to any of this, I do work very close and I can see him before work, during lunch and then after work. I can’t really do much to help but I try to be positive. I can hold his hand and watch MV’s with him. He’s so sweet when he pretends to care about the latest video for CNBLUE or Super Junior M. We even had a little discussion about the CNBLUE video for CAN’T STOP. We both agree it’s a great song. I will admit to being a bit more enthusiastic than he is. But we did agree the girl in the video didn’t seem to fit. I think since the location seemed very nice and the guys were dressed nice, Yong Hwa looked fabulous and then they toss in a young girl. I will say yes, she has blonde hair, okay…maybe that was the look they wanted, but the tank top and jean shorts? Maybe it’s just me, but I would have dressed her differently. Other than that… Love the MV love the song and I am happy for their success.

The other thing hubby and I have shared is…K-Drama MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR. Thank goodness for the iPad. We were able to wifi at the hospital and each night (if he felt like it) we watched an episode. Usually I have to talk him into watching a drama with me, and before he came here we had started watching MONSTAR on DVD, a Christmas gift from hubby. If you have read any previous posts, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!! I watched it on DRAMAFEVER, and I will be extremely honest here and admit I actually watched it twice. Halfway through, I couldn’t stand waiting for new episodes to come out so I started it over, then by the time I got to the end…all the episodes had been posted. Hmmmmm, maybe that doesn’t really count as twice, more like one and a half. Anyway….you get me, right? I guess we could have continued with MONSTAR but after reading a synopsis of MLFAS, he was interested and I pounced before he changed his mind.

The good news is, we both loved it. The alien story line was great. We spent time after each show talking about the story, the characters, how we thought it would end. Actually neither of us guessed the ending but we were both satisfied with it. Those characters are two of my favorites.

I am working hard on trying to get him interested in another drama. I am sure by now we both thought we would be back home, enjoying MONSTAR. The other day I said when he is finally well and out of here, we are going for a short drive. We’ll get some fresh air and it won’t smell like a hospital and we won’t have to eat hospital food.

He said, “when I get out of here, I will be happy to just sit on the couch, hold our dog Buffy with me right next to him and watching a movie.” I said….”maybe a Korean Drama?” He said, “we’ll see.” THAT’S ALMOST A YES, SO I AM VERY ENTHUSED.

So as I sit here, stuck with my thoughts and worry about my hubby, I just want to share with everyone reading this. Life can change in a minute. Be happy and enjoy it. Hug someone you love, right now!!! Yes just walk away from your computer or hand-held device and hug someone. Oh, if you happen to not be at home and say you are at a coffee shop or some type of Internet cafe you may not want to hug a stranger. But you could smile at a stranger and make their day. You never know what someone could be struggling with.

So rock on friends, have an awesome Spring! Smile and be happy. If you are lucky enough to be going to the LA KPOP FESTIVAL in April, have a wonderful time. Hopefully hubby and I will be home by then. Annyong!!!!


About Chris (mydogknowsKorean)

Native Californian, married to a wonderful & very understanding hubby. We have a dog named "Buffy." She watches k-dramas with me. I LOVE CN BLUE! My interests have expanded to other artists like...FT ISLAND, Jang Keun Suk, Park ShinHye, Super Junior, SHINee, BEAST/B2ST, YBand (to name a few.) I started a couple other blogs, because Korean Pop Music isn't everything. I love to sew and give back, and take care of my Family. I work a full time job with wonderful people! I also thought it was time to share some words of wisdom from my years of living and loving a man who happens to be a paraplegic. We have been through lots over the years, so time to share. Be happy & you can make the world a happier place!

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  1. Fantasma says:

    Hello! I lurk around your blog sometimes for we seem to share a love for CNBLUE 🙂 I’m sad to hear that your husband is unwell and I just wanted to wish him health and happiness for both of you. I pray for his quick recovery. Bless you two 🙂

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