CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun and Juniel are to come up with a duet album called “Romantic J“.

romantic J

The duet who was formed by Lee Jonghyun – Juniel is FNC Entertainment’s first project group for the winter season song collection project and it’s worth to look forward to.

The season song digital single will be released on December 9 with the title “Love Falls”. The song was inspired by the movie “Music and Lyrics”, where Lee Jonghyun is the music composer and Juniel as the lyricist.

Recently Juniel drew a lot of attention when she shared a photo of a candy cotton kiss on her official Twitter. On December 1, she tweeted that the truth behind the photo will be released tomorrow (today).

Meanwhile, “Romantic J” jacket photo will be revealed via FNC official Facebook on December 3. “Love Falls” music video teaser will…

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