First of all, someone needs to offer this guy (Kim Nam Gil) the role of someone who has fun, falls in love and smiles. I have »ó¾îÆ÷½ºÅÍ ÃÖÁ¾(Àμâ¿ë).inddwatched him in back to back very heavy melodramas and I NEED to see him in something different. Now, don’t get me wrong! I loved Bad Guy and Shark, but they were just sad…and wonderful at the same time. I flew through each one (on DRAMAFEVER.)

I liked SHARK for its creative writing. The story was interesting. I thought, how could a person really do all these things, then as a father (but let’s face it his son didn’t have a lot going for him regardless) and as a grandfather…could he really pretend to be so good and giving and still have this very ugly side? I guess so. If I have learned anything from Korean Dramas everything can and usually does happen. So I watched Han Yi Soo (Kim Nam Gil) take his revenge in that drama, hiding under the mask of another identity…hiding in plain sight.

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Click here to watch SHARK.


Bad Guy (나쁜 남자)
Starring Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga In

Visually stunning and immersive, Bad Guy is a dark family/revenge drama about a man bent on the destruction of one family. Shim Gun Wook has an ordinary, happy childhood—until one day he discovers he is the illegitimate son of the head of the Haeshin Company. Taken away from his adoptive parents, he joins the Hong family, where he is treated like a prince. Then, in an unfortunate turn of events, a DNA test reveals that he is not President Hong’s son and he is unceremoniously cast out of the house. Fate deals another blow when tragedy strikes his adoptive parents on the same night, and Gun Wook is left with no one to turn to. He leaves for the US only to return twenty years later, bent on revenge. The Haeshin family fall into his carefully constructed plot one by one, and only the man taken in by the Hongs as the President’s real son, Tae Sung, begins to suspect him. A beautiful, gold-digging art curator also appears on the scene who mistakes him for Tae Sung, and begins to fall for him. Will Gun Wook be able to reverse the cruel hand that fate as dealt him through revenge? And will he be able to resist falling in love in the process?


(spoiler alert)

Now I’ve seen Kim Nam Gil in BAD GUY (which actually aired before SHARK.) I love his look (the longer hair, the rough-looking style)  I like the “stunt guy” persona in the beginning that carefully worked into his plan of revenge.  As the horrible story is revealed…you can’t help but want to help Gun Wook achieve his goal. I wanted revenge on that family!! I enjoyed every painful moment because I had hope for a happy ending. I rushed through this drama because seeing each depressing episode made me crave that happy ending for Tae Sung (both of them) and for Moo Jae In and Hong Tae Ra. Hong Mo Ne..well she was too young and had bitten off more than she could chew, honestly. She was an innocent person along with her niece. Now that I think about it Tae Sung (both of them) was innocent as well… in the beginning.  No child, no PERSON should be treated like that.

Written by Kim Jae-Eun and Lee Do-Young. Directed by Lee Hyeong-Min, broadcast on SBS-17 episodes from 2010. It was originally set for 20 episodes, but shortened because of Kim Nam Gil having to serve his military term in July of 2010. I would have enjoyed 3 more episodes.

The devil (in this show…so perfectly played by the MOTHER-Kim Hye Ok) was evil. I don’t know how a human can end up like that. My only conclusion is she was driven that way by money and power. But to play puppet master to other people and innocent lives of children…her punishment did not fit the crime. She was screaming all the way to the end, and she actually thought she was still the winner. That was priceless. A superb story, writing, directing and some spot on acting. If I saw the mother in person, on the street, I would have to bow to her out of respect for her wonderful portrayal of this character …. Out of all the drama’s I have seen, she wins the worst mother award for sure. Kim Hye Ok played it well!!

Did I get my happy ending? No!  Do I like how it ended? I do actually. I would have preferred that Tae Sung/Gun Wook lived a happy life with Moon Jae In. But so many characters in this show were driven by the wrong motives, it seemed unhappiness will follow them forever. Full cast list and information available here. I am really ready to see Kim Nam Gil in a happy, lighthearted role. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?   badguy_87

Photo Credit: SBS


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