I am suffering from post drama finale blues. It happens every time I complete a GOOD drama. In this case I am referring to MONSTAR. At first glance it doesn’t look like anything monumentally special. It appears to be a typical high school kid drama. I will admit I may have even been more skeptical because it is an MNET produced drama. So I may have expected a slight story, marginal acting, lots of idols. Boy was I wrong! It was loaded with a lot of singing talent, but lots of good writing backed up by some pretty believable acting. It would have been impossible to not fall in love with each and every member of this “band of misfits.” In the end, Love turns out to be the answer. Love for a friend, love for an “idol star”, a child’s love for a mother and even unrequited love. There is nothing wrong with love. Nothing at all.

MONSTAR epi 10. (spoiler alert)

Yes, the Sul Chan/Sae Yi kiss ( I will never get over the concept of first kiss in this country) was amazing and the looks they gave each other-PRICELESS! The look of fear and happiness all at the same time. They played it perfectly. The following day was just as wonderful and so true! I will admit I was on the Sul Chan-Sae Yi train from the beginning, no matter how perfect Sun Woo was. I was really not prepared for the gut wrenching sadness that would be felt and beautifully expressed by Eun Ha. The story she writes is probably her saving grace. A person would explode holding all those feelings inside. Tragic when you think a friend has turned on you (more tragic for the friend who is totally unaware.) Sae Yi is not mentally slow, but she is slow to pick up on the subtleties of high-school communication. She really needs to hear things more direct. I am glad they resolved their feelings by the end of the episode.

As for Sae Yi and Sul Chan, when they do finally discover the mutual feelings and the awkwardness that comes with expressing it, priceless.  Another absolutely wonderful moment is when they walk each other to her door, to his car, to her door, to his car (and so on) all the while being followed by the imaginary musical duet that serenaded them by an appropriate love song. I could watch this episode again and again.

Then comes the YES moment. The moment the viewer yells YES! FINALLY! Sae Yi stood up to that punk in class and you could see NaNa ready to back her up and then when Do Nam comes in does it. YES! I say it again. Our little group had banded together to literally save each other. Do Nam also has one of his best lines of the series.

The idol turned regular student Sul Chan, has turned out to be a wonderful person, the person that was inside just needed the right people around him to bring it out. He is talented, smart, caring and sweet–who would have thought? Sul Chan’s personal story and relationship with his mother…beyond sad, who could have suffered that and not been a social pariah unable to love anything or anyone? He’s lucky the IDOL think worked out for him. Kyu Dong turns out to be very strong and very sweet and very lucky to have friends such as these. Kudos to the writers for making this a great show and to the actors who bring it every episode. This is my Korean “GLEE” and I love it.

epi 11 and 12 (finale)

Just hitting the high points: “I loved my friends friend”-ouch, now that was a song and it made that basement a tension filled emotional prison for a couple short minutes. Love Sul Chans revelation “there are a lot of troubled people.” That was stating the obvious, but sounded great coming from him. Sun Woo such a strong character throughout the entire show. Even losing Sae Yi with grace. Serious sadness being dumped by the same person twice, and still a stand up guy. When Sul Chan grabs the wrong girl in the crowd and pulls her into the studio green room…Sun Woo to the rescue and tells Sul Chan to wake up! Priceless!! The final scene everyone gets to rest peacefully. The writers did a great job concluding this show. If this is the kind of show MNET wants to produce–I say bring it on.


Monstar (몬스타)

Starring Yong Joon Hyung and Ha Yeon Soo

When a crazed fan takes it too far with Yoon Seol Chan (Yong Jun Hyung), member of top K-pop boy band Men in Black, he lashes out at her. But in the age of viral videos, no indiscretion is forgiven, especially this one. To take the heat off the ensuing media fiasco, Seol Chan’s management company quietly shoos him off to school, where he is joined by a group of misfits, including transfer student Min Se Yi (Ha Yeon Soo), a talented oddball from New Zealand. In true coming-of-age fashion, this exiled group of students discovers the connections that bind them together: music and friendship. It’s back to school for the surly Seol Chan, but is he willing to learn anything new?
  • Drama: Monstar
  • Revised romanization: Monseuta
  • Hangul: 몬스타
  • Director: Kim Won-Suk
  • Writer: Kim Tae-Hee
  • Network: Mnet, tvN
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: May 17 – August 2, 2013
  • Runtime: Fridays 21:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

If you are on the fence about this show…just go for it. 12 episodes didn’t seem like enough to me, but I like the fact they gave it a beginning, middle and end. I have been sucked into a show only to find out the writers/producers/whoever is in charge…didn’t follow that method of story telling, at least not to my liking. If you have seen this drama I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on it. I have become a music slut of late (which means I’m easily won over be new singers and/or groups) because of this show I have loved listening to “Fact or Fiction” by BEAST/B2ST, and I look forward to hearing more from then.

monstar groupALL photo credit: MNET


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  1. faytheodie says:

    because of this drama I am now digging more about Beast/B2ST … and an ultimate fan now of Seol-chan (prefer to call him like that rather than his real name) hehe 😛
    I am not yet sure if I can call myself now a BEAUTY but really love their music 😛

    fighting to our growing love for KPop “Once It’s KPop, You Can’t Stop”

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