Spoiler alert!

After making it through the day thinking about this last episode. Hurry home, feed the hubby and the Buffy…make it through and episode of Hells Kitchen (Gordon Ramsey hails as chief CHEF) it can’t be missed! Okay, without anymore delay…on to episode 20. I have been a fan of this show from the beginning. A lot was revealed in episode 19, more than I thought they should have let go of. Then it dawned on me, they were trying to create the perfect set up for the last episode.

I love the writing. Lots of little twists and turns. They really took some of these characters to hell and back. Not very fair but I loved it. Contrary to several (or whatever is 40 more than that number) people did not like MiDo (Shin Se-kyung.) I can see not liking the character. She had some flaws BUT E GADS…SO DID EVERYONE. With the exception of the MiDo’s dad and brother, the other characters were dripping with problems, issues, major bad history together and SECRETS!! More Secrets than a day time SOAP OPERA. I feel they all played their parts well. I was certainly convinced. Kudos to Jae-hee (Yeon Woo-jin) for that wonderful performance meeting his real father FINALLY! I couldn’t stop crying. When I finally dried the tears, I was again surprised by Sung-joo (Chae Jung-ahn) finally doing the right thing and leaving Tae-san at the altar. Sure it would sting a bit, but not like being in what could only have been a miserable marriage. Good job again writers/director, for making the right call with that story line.

Final thoughts:

This was my first Kim In-Young (screenwriter) story and also my first drama directed by Kim Sang-ho. I think they really demanded a lot out of these actors who I think really delivered. As I have said before in a couple earlier posts about this Korean Drama, I am a fan! I did search out more dramas by Song Seung-heon, and was happy and SAD to have watched an older drama…Autumn in My Heart. He was great of course. I added just about everything available on Drama Fever with Seong-heon in it. I have quite a back log to watch. Just what this hot summer deserves…staying in doors watching K-dramas! Nice pitcher of ice tea, maybe some popcorn.

Two thumbs way up for this drama. Worth watching and don’t let episode 12 scare you. It’s a little “racy” but I found it refreshing amidst a sea of forehead kisses and forbidden hand holding. I know the culture views these issues differently and they are one of the nice things about these drama’s. BUT, if the actual kissing scenes weren’t so enjoyed by some viewers, there would be almost no use for YouTube. Just google it, you be amazed at all the action some actors/characters are getting. I’ll end here, seems like a good time to troll around YouTube. You never know where your next drama will come from.

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Native Californian, married to a wonderful & very understanding hubby. We have a dog named "Buffy." She watches k-dramas with me. I LOVE CN BLUE! My interests have expanded to other artists like...FT ISLAND, Jang Keun Suk, Park ShinHye, Super Junior, SHINee, BEAST/B2ST, YBand (to name a few.) I started a couple other blogs, because Korean Pop Music isn't everything. I love to sew and give back, and take care of my Family. I work a full time job with wonderful people! I also thought it was time to share some words of wisdom from my years of living and loving a man who happens to be a paraplegic. We have been through lots over the years, so time to share. Be happy & you can make the world a happier place!

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  1. faytheodie says:

    I really love this drama… before watching the last 2 Episodes I was really hoping for a good ending for the two… Anyways, with that finale it was not my expected ending but I was not that disappointed… I’m SATISFIED! 🙂

    same as you it is indeed a 2 thumbs way up for me!

  2. Tobby Abrenio says:

    i like your comment about the drama, i like it overall but i expect more of a happy ending than talking and just smiling to each other hehe it is more romantic if they kiss and hug atleast or they got married.. but overall i like the acting and the story its just a bit short and brutal at some episode hehe

    • I wish the characters themselves could have been stronger. I may have just watched this one for the eye candy. The story itself seemed well written and I liked the gangster turned nice guy, I think he deserved better from her, I was disappointed she was not more forthcoming with her true feelings, but I also see the spot she was in. All in all, I would watch any drama with him. In fact I am thinking of starting East of Eden….

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