I was finally able to see episodes 13 and 14 last night. Thank you DramaFever. This is such a wonderful show. The writing is fabulous. The characters are so funny. It has had some serious moments though, and I will admit I cried when Do Jin and Yi Soo broke up. I am happy for the way TaeSun explained Do Jins actions to Yi Soo, although I don’t think it was the right decision. I think she should have some say in the “break up.” After a little time to reflect on the Colin situation, I hope they can get past it. I really liked them together. Wasn’t he a totally different person with the happy little smile on his face?

I really hope all the “couples” can sort things out. I know MaReAh and Joon are not really a couple (yet) but I hope her brother will give in and see that they will be good for each other. I like how she was upset and trying to convince Joon she would do her best to raise Colin well. It was practically fell off my chair laughing through tears of course. I think Joon just needs to convince TaeSan that he loves her (because I think he does) and he will take care of her and that he wants the best for her too. Very interesting the situation with Se Ra and TaeSan. I don’t quite understand the huge money problem she is having, but she is trying to keep TaeSun from knowing, well she WAS trying anyway. That cat might be out of the bag now. She needs to give in to him and let him take care of her. She just needs to realize her “golfing career” may be over. She needs to move on to the next phase in her life and maybe start a family. I think she truly loves TaeSan. Lastly… the married couple. Aishhhhh! I don’t think I can come up with a solution to help them. I will just have to watch and see how it unfolds. I see both sides, well not his cheating (because that’s not right) but she wasn’t even smiling in the wedding photos, something has been amiss since the beginning. What are we supposed to make of that? If you want to stay happy you have to at least start out happy. Right?

I think JongHyun has done a wonderful job portraying Colin. I mean this is his first drama. He is tall (this always shocks me) and very good looking. The camera seems to like him and when he is singing in the park…he looked so natural. The song was really beautiful. I am looking forward to another great OST. There are a couple great songs on this show and I have read about their popularity. I also liked the added bonus of  Miss JUNIEL (singing just before Colin.) She looked great in front of the crows as well. I guess her time on stage in front of the live audiences with YongHwa at her side, has payed off well. I think she has had a great debut so far. I love her mini album…My First June.

Backing up to episode 13 I must mention the YongHwa cameo appearance. He was very good looking in his light blue blazer, flashing that wonderful smile and perfect hair. He seemed very at ease in from of the camera again. I like how they wrote him in as “himself.” That scene with Do Jin and Yi Soo was so great. The looks he gave the “jealous” Do Jin were priceless. I wanted more than two and a half minutes.
I have very high hopes for this drama. So far it has not disappointed. I know it can’t always be a happy ending and there is still a lot to sort out. I will just keep hoping for the best. Fighting!   If you have not seen it yet….you should start watching, you will not be disappointed. Seeing the “men in their 40’s” only proves to me that nobody ever really grows up. They have the same struggles as the younger generation, the difference is they realize that by this age they should be able to work things out and they worry more. Whereas the younger generation feels they have plenty of time and they worry less. I hate thinking of people in there 40’s as middle aged, but lets face it….we are. Unless we plan on living to be 100,  this is midway folks. Can you imagine the dating troubles at such an age? If you haven’t yet sorted things out in your life it just may be too late. Hopefully by then we will be able to shrug off the feelings that hold us back now. If you can’t go for it in your 80’s and 90’s then when can you go for it? Actually if I reach that age, the only thing I want to go for is my rocking chair, a nice glass of ice tea and maybe a Korean Drama. Here’s to love and growing old gracefully.

photo: cnbluestorm

(Colin playing for the crowed in a very popular location…I have seen another artist (Jang Keun Suk)  performing in this same spot in K-Drama: “Mary Stayed Out All Night”)


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Native Californian, married to a wonderful & very understanding hubby. We have a dog named "Buffy." She watches k-dramas with me. I LOVE CN BLUE! My interests have expanded to other artists like...FT ISLAND, Jang Keun Suk, Park ShinHye, Super Junior, SHINee, BEAST/B2ST, YBand (to name a few.) I started a couple other blogs, because Korean Pop Music isn't everything. I love to sew and give back, and take care of my Family. I work a full time job with wonderful people! I also thought it was time to share some words of wisdom from my years of living and loving a man who happens to be a paraplegic. We have been through lots over the years, so time to share. Be happy & you can make the world a happier place!

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