On May 16th, FTISLAND released their second Japanese album ‘20 [twenty]‘ and a short PV for the upcoming title track “STAY” has been released. The words are pretty powerful from a group who is now all grown up.
We don’t say goodbye anymore If you act strong, force yourself and endure it
Your heart will break.
If you want to cry, then it is ok to cry
Those tears will fade away in your sleepIt’s already a good night, so good night
It is good night for today
All the he pain and loneliness
Everything is my fault
To touch you, to hold you, Only by doing that
I forgot about the days I thought I was happyIf I beg you and is not told what I want to hear
That will still not explain anything
After all, if I give up, I will surely someday end up blaming you
Ah, Why?If you cannot live without being hurt
If you cannot live without hurting anyone
Nothing will go well

You won’t be enough if you just dream
Just to love isn’t like me
Isn’t that so?
What should I do about this contradiction?

But for sure, yes for sure
If we pass by each other, if we meet, if we chase after each other
If I stop holding your hand
I cannot manage to think that it is over
I will still continue to look for a change in your heart

Stay with you
Stay forever

I will not let go of you again.


It’s already good night, so good night
It is good night for today
You don’t have to worry anymore
I will be by your side from now until forever
Like this I snuggled up against you and started to forget
In that warmth I close my eyes and go back to the days of the two of us

Credit Romanizations & Translations: okamikami @ happyislandsubs


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